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Health Resources in Allegany County

Dental/Oral Health

Dentists in Allegany County:  List of dentists practicing in Allegany County.   (Not yet available.)

Allegany College of Maryland Dental Hygiene ClinicProvides low-cost dental hygiene services for local residents.  Oral exam, cleaning, instruction in care of teeth and gums, sealants, fluoride therapy, dietary guidance, dental x-rays, and referrals for professional dental care.

ACHD Dental Health:  Allegany County Health Department, Dental Services provides access for participants enrolled in MD Medical Assistance Managed Care Programs to receive dental treatment (up to age 18).  Provide dental education to the community.  Also provided is dental screening to all first graders in Allegany County Schools.

Allegany Family Dentistry:  Cumberland, 301-729-8200

Country Club Dental:  LaVale:  301-729-1162

Family Dentistry:  Cumberland, 301-722-4277

Howard Dental Group:  LaVale, 301-724-2978

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